Changes to how we recruit at the DC

Over the past twelve months we have held open trials at the development centre allowing players from across the North West to trial for the programme.

This has provided a unique opportunity for players across the spectrum to trial for a programme that is open and inclusive. Through this we have come across hundreds of exceptional players, 17 of which now play in Academy football after coming through the centre.

Recently however we have had challenges in the trials in terms of the players attending, those who have said they are coming actually attending and the type of communication we are receiving from parents on a now regular basis.

We are therefore reviewing our process for recruitment at the DC, we want to provide an opportunity for kids equally and fairly and will therefore be closing our open trial sessions and also be taking down our request for trial system.

We have received over 2,500 requests to trial in the past 12 months and we are truly overwhelmed often by the interest parents show in the programme.